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Sudden Showers in Capital, Dust Storm in Lucknow Change Mood of Weather Post Noontime

Sudden Showers in Capital, Dust Storm in Lucknow Change Mood of Weather Post Noontime

December 02
13:23 2015

weatherlkoNew Delhi, Wednesday, December 2 – December started on a slight cold note as sudden showers made mercury dip to a certain extent in Delhi. Despite the fact that sunshine was a bit hazy in the early hours as sun hid behind the clouds, climate was good up till the noontime.

However, none expected rainfall in the evening that introduced some chill in the metropolis, which is popular for severe winter during mid-December to January period. Precipitation, which lasted for about just a couple of minutes, wetted streets of the national capital. Roads with pits and filth made commuters have awful time. Trivial rainfall in the city took curtains off the fact that Delhiites may witness horrendous situation while commuting if habits aren’t changed in a short span of time.

Sun will be in picture the entire day today but intensity is going to reduce vastly. Scenario will be the same during the weekend and early next week as well. A few would even love to enjoy the nice brightness during the daytime. As of today, the higher temperature will be 25 degree Celsius and lower temperature to be 12 degree Celsius. Insignificant rise and fall in both maximum and minimum temperature is to be witnessed by the middle of this month. Nevertheless, graph of transition will be high towards the month-end.

Weather changed all of a sudden in Lucknow and Kanpur a day ago when severe dust storms followed by thundershower hit the cities without any prior indication. Residents of more than a few Uttar Pradesh regions were taken by surprise post witnessing night-like situation at noon. Heavy rains added to the trouble afterwards. Traffic created a mess for those who were on their way to home.  Many were struck for an hour or two just to cover small distance.

There seems no end to downpour in Chennai. It is going to be a totally rainy day in the city once again. Schools and colleges have been shut. Inhabitants dwelling in Tamil Nadu are making sure to come out only when needed. Operation of trains was heavily affected. In spite of the fact that temperature will not dip there significantly, persistent rainfall lasting for hours will be a problem for the living creatures.

Streets have been submerged in Chennai and picture may be horrifying given that weathermen forecast more rains this week.  Pace of the wind will increase from 13 km per hour to 23 km per hour, adding to the issues faced by the masses. Knee-deep and waist-deep water in various areas of Chennai is compelling populace cook with whatever resources they have at their residences to avoid getting stuck in waterlogged lanes.


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