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Why Human Beings So Selfish than Other Living Creatures?

Why Human Beings So Selfish than Other Living Creatures?

December 02
13:08 2015

dogs1New Delhi, Wednesday, December 2 – Never thought of writing an article over selfish human behavior before today after being compelled to take a pause and check what’s happening outside as street dogs began to bark louder and over and over again. More than a few dog catchers were equipped to catch the stray dogs. I didn’t understand why? Who logged complain when these animals weren’t harming anyone?

Do a few had problem with their bark? If dogs wouldn’t bark, what are they supposed to do? Will they update status on social networking sites, lend a hand in household chores or do every other job what a man/woman does? Whether one accepts or not, stray animals are the best guards and we are able to have a silent sleep at our place despite parking luxury cars without any fear on the lanes.

They alert us over unknown entry in the area. Those who are familiar with behavior of animals can easily read what message is conveyed by them. Before an objection was made, some people from the colony tried helping the dog catchers finish their work as early as possible. Why not such haste shown when something wrong is done on a daily basis? People throw buckets and buckets of water on the roads, making it wet completely 24 x 7. Puddles here and there create problem for them and others but no one seems to have that courage to raise an objection.

Why not to protest when several liters of water overflow from water tanks just because one forgot to turn off the button from the mains? This zeroes the efforts of a person who saves water droplets regularly, assuming that his attempts are good enough to help future generations. We are certainly selfish. We do not demur till the time none harms us. We get vocal only when someone tries to enter in our comfort zone. So, do we really think that water is going to stay there forever, even at a time when residents are failing to do their bit and excessively wasting it in the name of completing household works.

Nature has its own way of teaching lessons. If don’t believe then start counting how many times you felt the tremors this year alone? Untimely showers, floods in various places, droughts in crop producing regions and landsliding cases are pointing to the fact that there will be a moment when we would be left with no option other than to pray for miraculous escape from circumstances. And we shouldn’t blame anyone if no help is found. At least, this will be adequate to tell that someone up there is enjoying too see us get stuck in troublesome situation.

Dog catchers were certainly doing their job as they are employed for the same. Dog bite cases may be on the rise but I have seen several incidents when silly people throw pebbles and water on stray animals. If they don’t care about anyone else’s comfort and pain, how can they expect love from others? Dog lovers know very well that dogs are lovely companions and friendly. They might not communicate as us but expressions through eyes and gestures are heart winning. Let us be vocal where needed rather than adding a sentence where not required.


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