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More Sun Brings Slight Relief in the Capital; Torrential Rains Continue to Bother Chennai Populace

More Sun Brings Slight Relief in the Capital; Torrential Rains Continue to Bother Chennai Populace

December 03
09:29 2015

chennai1New Delhi, Thursday, December 3 – Weather has been a point of concern these days, especially when the capital was lashed by precipitation that lasted for a few minutes. In spite of the fact that timing for showers wasn’t long, it made the new month to begin with some cold. If truth be told then most of the Indian states are fighting with changing climate. Heavy showers have submerged roads of Chennai.

More than 50 trains have been cancelled as railway tracks are sunk under water. Chennai airport has been shut till December 6. More than a few kitchen ingredients are being sold at a high price. And this is a shame. Whenever such natural calamity hit normal lives, a number of people try to get the most out of it. Residents are paying around INR 40 to INR to get one litre milk. On one hand, the major trouble for them is their inability to move at a safe place, leaving all their goods at their homes, while on the other hand, inhabitants with profit motives are adding to the problem.

Neck-deep water in several regions of Chennai compelled the masses opt for as much measures as possible to save themselves from problematic situation. People dwelling in the city are battling with torrential rains, which are to lash again in speed and in considerable percentage. Water level wouldn’t reduce till precipitation continues. The real battle for them is to manage two time food as shops are closed and it is not easy for them to find fresh vegetables that are required to cook nutritious meal.

Many link Chennai rains to climate change and this can’t be denied completely. Power supply in various regions has been stopped to put a ceiling on number of casualties and cut down accidental incidents. Mobile phones are discharged. Contacting kin isn’t easy thanks to poor network or no signal. Cloudy weather is indicating towards more downpour. Inhabitants look forward to much-sought relief but they might have to wait a bit long for the same.

When it lightly rained in the Capital city a couple of days ago, Delhiites thought it would make intense cold to gain grip. However, they heaved a sigh of relief post witnessing a bright and sunny day on Thursday. It is going to be sunlit week in the metropolis with zero per cent rainfall.  Clouds will come in picture early next week dipping more maximum and minimum temperatures to a few notches. If truth be told then second week of December will be full of wintry feel with speed of the wind vastly increasing towards the end.  As of today, gust will blow at the rate of 14 km per hour. Sunshine will be there throughout but breeze is to introduce a little bit iciness. 26 degree Celsius and 12 degree Celsius are to be higher and lower temperatures, respectively, today.


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