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So, What’s Your Car Number – Even or Odd?

So, What’s Your Car Number – Even or Odd?

December 07
13:44 2015

cars in delhiNew Delhi, Monday, December 7 – Delhi people with cars are disturbed by the odd-even car idea by Aam Aadmi Party to fight pollution. Vehicles with odd-numbered plates will run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while on the other hand, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday will be days for even-numbered cars.

The step taken by Delhi government isn’t receiving much appreciation from the masses what it actually should. What ought to be done in reality to stop Delhi from becoming a gas chamber. Babies are being born with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD). If infants aren’t healthy, it is next to impossible to have healthy future. There is no specific age to get affected by asthma, lung cancer and respiratory issues.

People aging above 60 have breathing problems as air isn’t clean and clear. Besides them, troubles are no less for young kids who go to school and other places without being aware of the fact that the environment where they breathe is full of harmful gases. People have come up with more intelligent idea than Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s odd-even formula. Now, those with odd number plates have already applied for cars with even digits and vice-versa. There is a dire need to think if pollution level will decrease with less number of cars on the road then would it be only Kejriwal to get benefited from it?

The way human being is spoiling the air, situation is going to be horrendous and none can imagine about an easy escape. Cars in Delhi are ‘must’ to add to style statement. More than a few dwellers spend huge sums on automobiles. Now, they aren’t ready for any sort of compromise. There are several families that have more than two cars. New orders for car might rise all of a sudden as the mob finds it difficult to commute through public transport.

Instead of giving cheers to Kejriwal and team for coming up with an idea like this, Delhiites are jeer at it. Here is a need to think why a government had to make such an announcement to fight pollution. It is just the beginning. If we are not going to contribute from personal end then who will be asked to do their bit? There lives a population that don’t have enough money to imagine  about easy survival. Those traveling in AC cars breathe less toxic air than those who walk on foot in spite of adding no pollution at all in any way. But what he/she may end up with will be pollution related diseases.

Car pooling could be one of the best solutions for all those who commute from same place to reach workplace on the dot. The lesser we use cars today, the higher will be possibility of seeing less congested roads in the near term. Rather than being astonished over implementation of such rule in the capital, it would be wonderful to learn about responsibilities that are to be fulfilled now to let coming generations breathe in healthy environment.


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