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Curtail Use of Mobile Phones to Save Relationship with Family

Curtail Use of Mobile Phones to Save Relationship with Family

December 07
11:52 2015

cellNew Delhi, Monday, December 7 – It has been a trend to continue using mobile phones while eating, drinking and sleeping. People are now more connected to those who are sitting miles away than those who sit next to them. There is no hesitation in splurging for a phone in this day and age.  The masses consider spending huge sums for cell phones worth. No matter, one visits via bus, metro trains, airplanes or personal vehicles, he/she would be seen doing something on their phone.

Mode of transportation may be different but approach is same and that is to continuously watch different stuffs on giant-size screen. In a scenario where lives of many still run on number of likes on social networking accounts, it is just impossible to save relationship with all those who are close. It is tough to change habit of checking updates on Facebook, emails on Gmail and so on. Why is it difficult for us to have a look at the natural beauty of the picturesque sites? We are quick in changing wallpapers that have greenery, water bodies and aquatic animals. If get a chance to witness the same, what all people do is start taking selfies or clicking pictures. To do all this, we actually forget how to enjoy life.

Didn’t our elders survive when gadgets weren’t in fashion? Telephones brought populace closer. People would wait for calls from relatives as there used to be only a few telephones. Mobiles certainly grabbed the eyeballs but take a pause and compare today’s picture than what it had been a decade ago. We are bound to put devices on silent mode given that incessant calls and service messages in odd hours make us have sleepless nights.

But why to blame an equipment that was created to make life easy? It is us who use it excessively, ruining all we have. If truth be told then we care for relationship with chat friends and those who we hardly know but do not pay attention to the feeling on those who impart major role in making our lives full of comfort. It is not that everyone enjoys sticking with devices all the time. There are several homemakers, young men and women and elderly populace who enjoy meeting kin in person instead of staying connected through messages, texts and telephonic conversations. There exists a whole big world outside mobile phones. What that is needed at present is to change in attitude and see what’s new and old going on elsewhere.

Mothers would wait for their kids to return home post schools and colleges and wives for their spouses. What all they look forward to is some conversation with their loved ones. Nonetheless what they usually get to see is children and husbands getting busy over phone as soon as they return home. One might question here that why homemakers have been excluded from here. It is true that many women love chatting but they still know how to divide time in accomplishing household chores and spending hours with family. If actual picture is to be drawn then women usually connect through mobile while completing domestic tasks. The trend of joint family isn’t getting extinct. One may stay happy in nuclear family as well but it would be required to draw a line between priority tasks and less important work.

If we fail to pay heed to human feelings at present, we will be left with no option apart from having qualms in the near future. Phone friends can’t appear all of a sudden at the time of need. It will be our parents and siblings who will stand aside to help us when circumstances aren’t favorable enough. Smiling over a text is easy but passing a smile to our mom and dad in an entire day is hard. Phones are useful in more ways than one. These are the best option available with us whenever tickets are to be booked, urgent emails are to be checked, SMSes are to be sent when calling isn’t possible and so on. These were brought in use to help us in several ways.

Getting slaves of it can’t be praised. Limit the use of phones in order to save important relationship. Gadgets should be used to make life easy not full of complications. Sit for a while and stop doing everything. Take a notebook and pen and prepare a to-do list, which will give you an idea how to wisely spend time. Division of hours according to one’s priority is must. People also need to take note of the point that phones should be operated when it is required.

Device never says to keep it below the pillow. If it is necessary to wake up early, set the alarm and put the phone at a distance from where alarm is audible. Playing games isn’t required. Despite sticking to mobile screen, it is best to play outdoor games, which not make mind healthy but also add to physical strength. There is no mantra of staying happy. Spending money can’t buy happiness. Individuals may buy resources but it is the approach and attitude that are responsible for making life successful. Let us make best use of technology so that easiness can be felt in the best way possible.


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