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Slight Fog in Early Hours Greets Delhi; Affects Train Operations

Slight Fog in Early Hours Greets Delhi; Affects Train Operations

December 07
10:47 2015

fogNew Delhi, Monday, December 7 – Weather is changing in speed in the national capital. In fact, most of the cities are observing some changes and why not, second week of December has already arrived. Higher and lower temperatures are to dip further, letting people residing in different corners feel the shiver.

Trains have already started running late and same is the situation with flights despite the fact that morning hours and nighttime are clear to a certain extent. Fog and smog could be a problem in the coming days. If truth be told then low visibility on roads, runways and railway tracks creates a lot of troubles for the commuters.

This situation lasts for about a month. Thin or thick blanket of fog compels populace stay careful while driving or commuting from one place to other. Delhi is popular for biting cold. Those who dwell in the national capital know it very well that severe winter will bother living creatures, throwing life out of the gear.  Level of troubles is huge for the population of Chennai. Rain troubled the masses in the recent past. Difficulties may reduce to a certain extent for them in the current week as water level is to decrease. However, it will take time for downpour to completely stop. Most of the people dwelling in Chennai have moved from the city in order to save themselves.

In some regions of the city, people have observed knee-deep and neck-deep water. Cancellation of flights and trains left inhabitants and travelers with no option apart from bearing the brunt. As of this week, weather reports might bring some comfort. In Delhi, maximum and minimum temperatures will fluctuate in the range of 22 degree Celsius and 26 degree Celsius and 8 degree Celsius and 12 degree Celsius, respectively. Speed of the wind will reduce from13 km per hour to 8 km per hour. Humidity is to vary between 46 per cent and 59 per cent but that wouldn’t be a problem for Delhiites as climate is to remain cold.

Shivers will be common after middle of December. Nights are getting colder and no wonder if drop in mercury is observed in a little while. Situations in Chennai are improving bit by bit. Water levels are getting reduced. Wet roads and filth will be troublesome for the residents for a tad long. According to latest available information, inhabitants are giving their best to make their life come back on track.

Temperature in Uttar Pradesh’s regions hasn’t dropped much but picture may be different soon. Winter conditions are harsh and become unbearable for homeless and underprivileged during peak period.  Temporary shelters are mode of survival for many living beings. Rain isn’t on the cards but even slight drizzling could add to the shivers. As of Monday, sky will remain clear, however, partial cloud cover will be apparent tomorrow onward.