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Commuters in Capital Witness Traffic Chaos Thanks to 25,000 Weddings

Commuters in Capital Witness Traffic Chaos Thanks to 25,000 Weddings

December 08
11:27 2015

weddingNew Delhi, Tuesday, December 8 – Wedding season unites families. Two individuals become one post tying the wedding knot. But more than a few marriage functions in the national capital on Monday created a mess for the commuters, who took several hours to reach home post work.

“We had harrowing time while returning home after office hours post being struck in traffic for quite long than what expected earlier. Those who travel through metro trains took a bit lesser time than those with personal vehicles but situation was almost same for metro train passengers when they deboarded at metro stations and took auto or rickshaws to travel the remaining distance”, said a young employee of an MNC in the metropolis.

Traffic not only bothered those residing in the national capital but also the inhabitants of Gurgaon. More than 25,000 marriages in Delhi made a number of roads get jam-packed. Movement of vehicles was slow. Before the green lights turned red, only a few vehicles managed to move. Standing automobiles added to the pollution as well.

Traffic management in the city can be called yet good in view of the fact that the majority follows traffic rules. However, the moment its gets disrupted, it becomes extremely difficult for the populace to have a swift movement on the streets. Problems may not be the same today as of yesterday thanks to just a few marriages in the city but such situation might be back in picture another time as soon as peak wedding season arrives.