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Icy Winter Begins to Gain Ground in Delhi as Sun Hides Behind Clouds

Icy Winter Begins to Gain Ground in Delhi as Sun Hides Behind Clouds

December 09
13:16 2015

cloudyNew Delhi, Wednesday, December 9 – Morning showers usually add to frostiness without any warning during cold weather. December began on a soft note with immense sunlight but picture has started to vastly change.

The days are getting colder and, no wonder, people get to witness massive fog on most of the days as plenty of sunshine is not going to be in sight after a certain span of time.

This gets clear by today’s temperature as morning time made populace shiver when cold waves and slightly vagueness on the roads brought a little bit discomfort for the masses.

Sunlit days are on the cards, for sure, but partly cloudy day today  cleared one point clear that rains, fog and more iciness are to make living extremely difficult for the creatures.

The residents of the national capital woke up to a sunny morning today even though intensity wasn’t high. But as soon as the time passed, they shivered due to sudden overcast in the sky.  Zero per cent chance of rains remains and scenario is likely to change right from tomorrow till next 5 to 6 days. Temperature in the regions of the Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida and Gurgaon will considerably dip, complicating daily survival of the general public.

The level of iciness will be deteriorated further by cold wind that’s anticipated to blow at the pace of 14 km per hour on Wednesday. The speed will reduce up to 11 km per hour, introducing mild soothe. The picture in the shelter homes is probable to turn harrowing due to overcrowding.

Here is to mention that several people without a roof over their head try not to come in ‘rain baseras’ since they feel comfortable to sleep on the roadside and under the bridge rather than feeling suffocated at one place thanks to overcapacity. Nevertheless, as cold sets in along with some drizzling, the option of residing inside nearby night shelters will only come for their rescue.

Relief from biting cold is sought by the underprivileged as they do not have proper clothes to dress themselves in layers and stay clear of dipping temperature.  In view of the fact that mercury is expected to drop more this week, with humidity ranging between 50 per cent and 62 per cent, Delhiites would soon wish bonfires to be lit everywhere.

Maximum temperature will drop from 27 degree Celsius to 21 degree Celsius and minimum temperature from 13 degree Celsius to 8 degree Celsius, adding to the frostiness. Sun is to shine brighter in the coming days but dropping mercury would certainly be a problem for the living creatures.