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Delhiites Feel the Chill in Early Hours Thanks to Haziness, Breeze

Delhiites Feel the Chill in Early Hours Thanks to Haziness, Breeze

December 10
12:34 2015

breezeNew Delhi, Thursday, December 10 – The time to wrap a shawl or put on a few warmer clothes has finally arrived in the national capital as people are waking up to hazy days. Thanks to shallow fog and cloud cover yesterday, drop in both maximum and minimum temperatures was noticed.

The freezing breeze during the sunup till late night added to the chill. Same kind of picture is going to be common in the coming weeks as temperature will fall further, to increase trouble for the common man.

On Thursday,  26 degree Celsius is to be the higher temperature in the metropolis, while minimum temperature to be 13 degree Celsius. Mercury is probable to settle much below the normal tomorrow onwards. The wintry weather has started to set in and is ready to cause trouble for the populace in view of the fact that the change in temperature comes with lots of health issues. If recent reports about the climate in the city are to be reported then healthy individuals may also fall ill as air in Delhi is getting worse.

Cloudiness might not be in setting for a week but things would rapidly change during the month end. The wind is supposed to blow at the rate of 13 km per hour today, augmenting the frostiness, especially prior to noontime and post sunset.  Most of the people were spotted in sweaters lately in order to provide required warmness to the body and avoid sickness. Plenty of sunshine in the afternoon is to give some respite to the general public. On Friday, sky will be clear. 62 per cent of humidity will come down to 59 per cent. Dampness will follow rise and fall trend. Furthermore, gentle wind will keep on giving the feel of winter arrival at different time intervals.

By the end of this month, frostiness will get bitter. If information from weathermen is to be trusted then days will be sunlit during this week and early next week, however, mercury will skid around 5 degree Celsius. Thick smog is to start affecting trains and flights schedules soon, making the masses wait for more than a few hours at railway stations or airport.

For the reason that weather has changed from hot to pleasantly cold within a week after a warm November, growing kids and people aging above 60 are complaining about congestion in chest, throat pain and mild or high fever. Continuous sneezing and coughing are the symptoms of health complications which are generally observed during this season. Here is to remind that the inhabitants like the mood sported by the weather in final quarter as this allows them stay away from bearing the intense heat, conversely, unwanted sickness dampens their spirit to explore new avenues after foggy mornings greet them.

Still, it is not possible to pay no heed to the fact that the crowd at India gate and other popular places of the metropolis proves that none wants to let the opportunity to enjoy in pleasant weather conditions go without utilizing it. Good gathering was even witnessed in and around shopping complexes and malls of Delhi and NCR since people seemed eager to relish different foods of the season, watch movies and availing discount offers while making their purchase. If climate gets colder, likelihood of which is high, in the next few days then the mob will have to cover in layers. “Before peak winter knocks at the door, focus is to accumulate all the needed stuffs at our place so that bone-chilling cold can be avoided”, said some rickshaw pullers who want to make sure everything is done to perfection from their end before frosty wind and smog begin to bother them.