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Cold and Fever Patients Swarm Hospitals Owing to Change in Climate

Cold and Fever Patients Swarm Hospitals Owing to Change in Climate

December 11
13:51 2015

patientNew Delhi, Friday, December 11 – The climate across the nation has started to change. The freshness of early winter season brought a little comfort for the residents, who felt the heat of warmer climate conditions to a great extent this year. But the sudden transition in weather has affected health of several people.

If latest reports are to be pointed out then various hospitals of the national capital are being flooded with the patients who are being suffered by viral fever, cold, cough, problem in breathing and skin allergies. School going children and even infants are hit hard during this period and facing huge difficulty as wind of the city is worsened by pollution.

Body temperature of most of the patient is high. They even suffer from headache. Chills at different time intervals are making them shiver.  In view of the fact that the current weather condition which is colder in the wee hours and slightly warm during the noontime thanks to hazy sunshine is wreaking havoc on health. Elders report about achy joints and a lot of other seasonal health woes and seek assistance from doctor medical practitioners.

If a picture about current scenario is to be drawn then asthma attacks may possibly get triggered given that mercury is following the dropping trend. The common health problems are likely to augment in the next few days as winter is all set to arrive. Health expert of a renowned hospice centre of the metropolis guide people not to have curd or chilled milk before going to bed as this can add to the health problems. It is even far better to stay away from having a walk early morning since the chilly winds could make them fall ill.

“In order to avoid sneezing during this spell, a cup of green tea flavored with tulsi leaves, clove, cardamom, mint and ginger will be helpful. Intake of other immunity boosting superfoods for instance oats and barley, jaggery, garlic, hot veggie soups, sweet potato, flax seeds and shiitake mushrooms must be taken at least for once in a day. The nutritional punch of seasonal fruits and leafy greens could put a ceiling on unwanted illness”, they added further.