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Snow Showers at Hilly Areas, Wintriness on the Plains Bother Populace

Snow Showers at Hilly Areas, Wintriness on the Plains Bother Populace

December 15
09:52 2015

snowNew Delhi, Tuesday, December 15 – The weather across different states has started to change in full speed. Hilly areas are getting covered by snow, while on the other hand, most of the cities are reeling under severe cold these days. People residing in the Capital are feeling the shiver right from early morning till late at night.

A little comfort was brought by sunshine a day ago but coldness did not reduce in the late hours thanks to wind. Respite is on the cards today as well but during the noontime in view of the fact that sun is to shine brighter. Winter has arrived a tad late this year too. According to weathermen the average temperature is increasing nearly by 3 degree Celsius every year. Warmer climatic conditions last for long as compared to wintry season.

If rise in temperature continues for several years to come, survival of the living creatures will get tougher day by day. Sudden change in weather not only affects health of the inhabitants but also adds to the problem in a number of ways.  If truth be told then current climate is taking the mob by surprise. Higher and lower temperatures in Jammu & Kashmir, Manali, Shimla, Mussoorie and Darjeeling have dropped to a great extent in the last seven day time. In fact, minimum temperature in most of these places are reading in minus. Snow showers are likely at these destinations in the coming days. Tourists are elated to experience snowfall but real trouble is faced by the residents, who are making efforts to get household goods before snow on roads start to have an effect on transport facilities.

The hospitals in the national capital are getting swarmed by the patients. Most of them complain about being hit by cold & cough problems. Congestion in chest is being reported by the elderly citizens. Frostbite cases are on the rise too and figures are to increase during peak winter. Early school hours are bothering kids and their parents at present. They face huge complicatedness to wake up in the morning time. Health experts guide people to include some superfoods and nuts in their diet to stay fit. Instead of going with fruit juices in the cold weather, vegetable stock or soups are considered healthier options. In order to steer clear of unwanted sickness, the residents need to pay heed to the food consumed on a daily basis. Falling mercury is going to be bothersome for more than a month.

Problems are to augment due to high probability of fog. Despite the fact that blowers and room heaters are power guzzlers, people are turning these on in order to remove wintriness from the surroundings, no matter, for a short time. The majority wants the government to light bonfire in various places of Delhi to keep themselves warm. More than a few people on the streets are having a harrowing time these days due to lack of woolen clothes and proper shelter. Winter season is a problem for stray animals as they fail to find spots that are warmer.

Western disturbances are considered responsible for drop in maximum and minimum temperature in most states.  A number of Uttar Pradesh regions are under the attack of severe chilliness but sunrays are to offer huge relief to the population dwelling there. As of today, Delhi’s higher temperature will be 22 degree Celsius and lower to be 6 degree Celsius. Fall of some notches will come in picture late this week. Humidity percentage is to be 49. Speed of the gust will be high today. Since it is to blow at the pace of 18 km per hour, much respite wouldn’t be felt despite being under the sun during the daytime. Its pace is to considerably plunge up to 5 km per hour.  However, thick fog blanket will get ready to trouble general public.


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