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Does Rape Cases Reduce Post Horrifying December 16 Incident?

Does Rape Cases Reduce Post Horrifying December 16 Incident?

December 16
13:23 2015

rapeNew Delhi, Wednesday, December 16 – The cruel assault of a young  female physiotherapy intern on a Delhi bus three years ago is yet fresh in mind and perhaps, going to stay in thought of masses as a bad memory forever.

The shameful incident shook the entire nation. Men, women, college goers, homemakers and people belonging to different age groups united to protest against the gangrape convicts.

However, it seems the scenario hasn’t changed for the females in the society yet today. Not only elderly ladies are unsafe, but also the young girls and even toddlers. The women in the national capital still fear to go out alone when unavoidable circumstances come in front late night.

Abduction and rape of women have augmented to a great extent in the recent past. As a matter of fact, Delhi is one of the highly unsafe cities to live. Crime happens every now and then. The only thing that changes with each passing day is the name of victim and accused.  Innumerable cases of sexual assaults are adequate to tell how unsafe it is to live in Delhi, which is well thought-out best place to pursue higher studies and earn bread and butter.

Shocking was to notice rape of an elderly nun in West Bengal by seven men in March this year. Nothing seems to have improved in different states as well. Abduction of college & office goers is not new. Even homemakers aren’t safe. They are attacked with the motto to rob them on the way or at home. Stealing expensive items from them appear easy to the attackers as they consider women weak. It has been lately when the rape of a toddler and 5-year-old girl allegedly by two teenagers took the masses by surprise.

Should laws against rape cases should be amended and made strict? Actions taken against the culprits will perhaps be adequate to teach lessons to others, who are planning to offend. Responsibility on the shoulders of government and people sitting at the top must ensure safety of girls no matter where they wander and at what time. People living in the society need to wake up and raise voice against the crimes.  The more vocal they be,  the higher will be probability of getting heard. It is not an individual’s task to make India a better country for survival. But yes, if everyone starts to think positively and significance of respecting women, change will be noticeable.

It is time to act against insensible human beings who shame humanity by molesting girls within school premises, homes and other places. They dare to do so perhaps keeping in mind weak laws against sexual assault, harassment or eve teasing. Rape cases take curtains at least off the fact that rape has nothing got to do with girls’ dressing. Sometimes, it is strange to see political leaders giving statement over short clothes worn by women. Why actually not to ask boys to mind their own business? Why none questions them about their late arrivals at home, clothes they put on and other activities?

If truth be told then barbarous attack over women has surged largely. There would hardly be any parent on the planet who is not concerned about their daughters’ safety whenever they step outside to accomplish their professional commitments or to do different chores. Horrible crimes against women in distinct regions tarnish the meaning of humanity. Juvenile convict in the December 16 gangrape case is to walk free soon. Nirbhaya’s family must be shattered with the news as no one can ever understand what they have gone through post losing their daughter at an age where entire life was in front of her. A drop in rape incidents is pivotal to build a society with healthy mentality.


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