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Can Education & Employment be Solution for Different Problems?

Can Education & Employment be Solution for Different Problems?

December 17
14:18 2015

empNew Delhi, Thursday, December 17 – It takes a lot of courage to think that education can alone solve a number of problems existing in the society. Use of the word ‘courage’ has been done in the previous sentence for the reason that there are several families who yet believe educating boys is profitable in the long term and sending daughters to school is unnecessary burden on their pocket, especially when they have to go at a different place post wedding. From their point of view, they are to show disagreement for aforementioned line.

It has been lately when I have gone through a wonderful line “you give a house to a woman and she will make it a home”. We call a place home where full of comfort and ease is felt. The saying proves it clearly that role of a woman is humongous in everybody’s life. She could be mother, sister or wife. No matter she has earned basic education from any institute or not, the concept & mantra of living life peacefully is always clear in her mind. If truth be told, when one educates a man, it may or may not pass on to others, but when a woman is educated, she educates the entire family. For a child, a mother is his/her first school and there is no doubt about it.

Let us not go into male female debate as there are several men as well in our society who have set perfect examples as a bread winner, homemaker and so on. Father’s role in each family is immense. A lot of things depend on how he thinks to lead his family. Issues are lesser in India when someone does something after being granted permission by the male member. Education is important and it wouldn’t be right to deviate from the subject. But why is that so? It is simply because thought process starts to change as soon as one begins to learn about difference between right or wrong.

Quite a lot of problems can be solved without losing the cool as anger can never be a solution. Schooling brings discipline. The school timings are always early it is to let kids learn the significance of waking up in the morning and get geared up for spending the day while learning new things without feeling low. As education is vital for one’s growth, employment is necessary too. When people have job in hand as per their talent and education earned in school or college, chances of paying heed to unconstructive things reduce.

A drop in cases of eve teasing, assault and criminal activities is possible if a responsibility is given to potential populace. Poverty can be removed too if every educated person tries to help the one in need with whichever way possible. Knowledge should be earned from wherever it comes. This will help knowledge seekers act responsibly without hurting anybody’s sentiment. Readers shouldn’t be hesitant of sharing knowledgeable stuffs with those who don’t have any idea of how to improve lifestyle and stay updated. Emphasis on sending children to schools as this will help them rise as a better human being first before thinking of excelling in different sectors.


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