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Change in Climate Continues to Give Shiver to People of Delhi-NCR

Change in Climate Continues to Give Shiver to People of Delhi-NCR

December 17
13:05 2015

winNew Delhi, Thursday, December 17 – Swift arrival of winter season is giving shivery feel to the citizens dwelling in the national capital and nearby regions. Climate of in Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and Faridabad is cold as similar  to the metropolis.

The gust blew in pace a day ago as well, adding to the freeze quotient.  If actual picture is to be painted then the time is here when populace enjoys sitting in front of room heaters or bonfires and discussing about transition in weather conditions.

Climate hasn’t been weird today as morning time was full of sunshine. Thanks to no partial overcast, people woke up to a clear day on Wednesday too. Sunlight scattered throughout daylight hours, enabling residents get some quick comfort from frostiness. People have already taken out shawls, gloves, woolen garments and sweaters from wardrobe.  Half of the month is passed and weather hasn’t shown its extreme face yet but same can’t be said for remaining days. As compared to previous years, December 2015 has slightly been hot. If winter arrives late, nothing could be good for the populace given that sunlit days will annoy them for a long time next year also. Weather cycle is changing in speed and one of the prime reasons behind the birth of a number of seasonal diseases.

Due to drop in mercury in the last couple of weeks, the possibility of seeing several patients visiting the doctors is to increase. Fresh cases of respiratory problems have been reported in various Delhi hospitals. Here is to mention that health experts ask inhabitants to be extra careful towards health and avoid eating unhealthy food items. “Morning walks should be avoided during fog cover. Sit under sun if possible for 20 to 30 minutes between 9 am to 10 am”, they said further.

If latest information from weathermen are to be described then the Capital city and areas in close proximity to it are to witness plenty of sun during the weekend as well that will continue to help normalizing the situation, letting living creatures heave a sigh of relief. The drop in temperature will be a problem during late December. Dampness will remain in the atmosphere but not up to the problematic extent.  On Thursday, maximum and minimum temperatures will be 21 degree Celsius and 7 degree Celsius, respectively. No rise or fall trend is apparent for next few days.

Sky is to stay clear. In the nutshell, third week of December is supposed to end on a soothing note and estimated to be pleasant. As of now, the majority of Delhiites are planning their visit to popular destinations of the city. Exploring new trends is in the blood of people who dwell here. Before the chill doesn’t turn painful in the peak winter month, they make sure to visit some of the awesome places with family and friends. The time for fog to blanket the city is to arrive soon. As like Delhi, various other states also brace for coolness. Due to no probability of rainfall, atmosphere will be comforting for next 7 days.