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Thin Fog Cover in Capital & Drop in Mercury Make Biting Cold Have Longer Stay

Thin Fog Cover in Capital & Drop in Mercury Make Biting Cold Have Longer Stay

December 18
12:02 2015

foggNew Delhi, Friday, December 18 – Delhi being the national capital is always a centre of attraction of the populace residing in different corners. It has been recently when the city recorded coldest day of the season. Despite the fact that no drop in intensity of sunshine has been observed lately, people are trying their best to beat the chill. Biting cold is at peak during the sunup and at the end of the day.

Spending time in the sun is what living creatures wish to have but not everybody is able to take out time and do the same thanks to urgent domestic or office works. Days are brighter, nonetheless, a different picture may be created in next to no time post appearance of cloud in the sky and smog, for sure.

The inhabitants of metropolis witnessed a thin fog cover early today. Regardless of the fact that it disappeared post sunshine spread in different corners, it gave a clear hint about wintriness in the coming period.  As per recent reports about weather conditions, partial overcast may be observed. Hazy sunshine will be common tomorrow onwards. 16 km per hour will be the speed of wind today but this will decrease up to 8 km per hour during the weekend.

Rainfall isn’t predicted at present otherwise it would have been a trouble for homeless to even imagine of having a smooth survival.  Precipitation is important to lower pollution and clear the air. However, this ends possibility of letting people belonging to lower class to heave a sigh of relief. Popular local markets of the city and national capital regions are decorated with colorful woolen clothes for the reason that everyone make sure to get  sweaters, mufflers, hand gloves, socks, jackets, sweatshirts and denims to keep themselves warm. Fresh arrival in various stores is also catching the eyes.


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