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Plenty of Sunshine Offers Comfort during Noon amid Cold Climate in Delhi

Plenty of Sunshine Offers Comfort during Noon amid Cold Climate in Delhi

December 21
11:11 2015

heatwinNew Delhi, Monday, December 21 – Temperature in most of the Indian states is going down up to a few notches and trivial decline will be a common scenario after a week or so. Despite the fact that Delhi is getting huge relief during the daytime, situation may be totally different after sunshine goes feeble during peak cold time. Winds continue to give some shiver to the populace right from the first light.

With sky to remain clear for next four to five days in noon, possibility of sudden rainfall becomes nil. This will introduce some comfort, giving populace time to gear up for the winters. Hazy sun is to greet populace of the metropolis in next to no time, however, weather will turn pleasant thanks to brilliant sunshine.

Substantial cloudiness by the middle of end of December will bring wintry feel back in the city, and that too, with extreme strength. If truth be told soothing winter is enjoyed by the masses. Crowd at popular places of the national capital is a proof of it. Significant drop in both maximum and minimum temperatures has been noticed during the weekend. As of Monday, the higher temperature is probable to dip below 20 degree Celsius and lower temperature to be below 6 degree Celsius. 50 per cent humidity will stay in the atmosphere but that will not be a hitch for the residents as a result of cold environment.

Speed of the wind will vastly drop today up to 8 km per hour. Its pace will increase up to 18 km per hour during the weekend. As a matter of fact, Delhi populace may be in trouble post sudden transition in climatic conditions. After witnessing sultry summers a bit long this year, winters are awaited and here is the time for fog to be a usual scenario. Temperature is probable to fall later on. If weather reports of the present week are to be mentioned then sunlit days are still on the cards. The likelihood of precipitation is a naught for next seven days. Frosty winds may add to problem for Delhiites, particularly those with no roofs over their heads.

To take ideal medical assistance to cure health problems like seasonal fever, cold, cough, norovirus, sore throat and asthma, more than a few patients are keeping the doctors busy. The chill is felt with more intensity in the early hours. Noontime is a mix of both hot and cold. Here is to mention that cases of asthmatic attacks are on the rise during spell of changing weather. Wheezing and shortness of breath are felt too by the inhabitants suffering from asthma. Turning a little more cautious towards their health is helpful.

As climate is somewhat warm outside and fairly chilly inside, the dwellers became prone to come under the attack of multiple diseases thanks to exposure to varying temperature. Due to this, most of the people complain about low-grade fever. According to some physicians of the city, regular medication is recommended to those who have the history of falling ill with immediate rise or fall in the temperature. This will help them combat the change felt within the body.


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