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Is 2016 Gonna be Hotter Year than 2015?

Is 2016 Gonna be Hotter Year than 2015?

December 28
12:32 2015

tempNew Delhi, Monday, December 28 – December is about to end and so far the populace is enjoying the comfort of sitting under the sun. What could be better way to relax in sunlight when wintry feel is augmented by winds blowing in pace.

It is not surprising to see people putting on a few layers right from the crack of dawn till late night but it is also true that they don’t think for a while to take sweaters off at the noontime, which is usually sunlit.

Here is to mention that climate in the present month is slightly warmer than what it had been a year ago in the same period. Winter set in during the middle of November but actual chilliness was supposed to be felt in early December. People thought they would probably be left with no option but to confront harsh winters by the end of this year but it seems that the weather cycle is changing with each passing year.

As per a report in the recent past, 2016 might be hotter than 2015. It is even hard to imagine what will be the condition of living creatures if mercury continues to rise during arrival summer season. Temporary cabins are installed at some stage in winter season but space is not adequate to house a number of homeless when iciness gains foothold. Challenges certainly go to for the masses, who gear up with the gauges to beat the chill, and they are the one who face harsh face of summer as well. Despite the fact that the cold feel has put an upper limit on soaring temperatures at the present time, it is apparent to the mob that troubles are definitely going to be enormous during April to September.

Extreme use of air conditioners in a number of homes, office premises adds to the hotness outside, making life hell for others. Problems are massive for the people without a roof over their heads in all seasons, to be honest. It has been for a while when winter knocked at the doors of national capital. The ratio of humidity is high but not problematic as a result of soothing temperature. Muggy climate is alone bothersome when mercury is on the rise. Coldness in the surroundings is restricting it to be  a trouble for the majority. But how long is the question here. As far today’s weather is considered then partial cloud cover will keep weather hazy.

Extremeness of heat will not subside but people will find it comfortable. Delhiites are feeling the chill no matter they in all probability unable to figure out that this is comforting to a certain extent as they might reel under severe hot conditions for a bit long this time next year too. Not to forget that rains did not lash metropolis’ streets often during peak monsoon this year.  Scenario is likely to be almost the same or even worse. According to weather reports of the current month, speed of the winds in the current week will vary in the range of 8 km per hour to 21 km per hour. Maximum pace is to be observed on Tuesday.

Early hours in the remaining days of December will be full of sunshine but chill factor will give residents the real shiver as well.   Nighttime is to be bitter. Higher temperature will fall down from 24 degree Celsius to 23 degree Celsius and lower temperature from 12 degree Celsius to 8 degree Celsius towards the end of this week. Since the drop in temperature would not be huge enough, cold weather will take time to come in the scenario in the coming days.

January will kick off on a wintry note but weather will be pleasant with some sun. Several other states are to enjoy same climate as that of the Capital city. According to recent information from weathermen, trivial overcast on some occasions and clear sky every so often will give residents enjoy the transition.  They even warn populace to pay heed to health as many fall ill when weather changes. The major issue here is to note that if average temperature continues to rise each year then what would be the scenario after a decade or so?

Coming generations might not find it easy to have a smooth survival. By chopping the trees to promote construction purposes, we have already increased the level of pollution. Rain in 2015 has been below average during monsoon otherwise pollution level would have slightly been lower. The kind of climate people are enjoying at present is not felt often in December in most of the Indian cities. This might be comforting as of now, nevertheless, aftermath will be noticed only when the next year arrives. If we wouldn’t wake up now and stop playing with the nature, the humans will have to get ready to bear the brunt as nature has its own way of teaching the lesson. In case, we confront a situation from where it is not easy to escape then we would have to blame ourselves not anyone else.

Planting of trees is pivotal and many do so as well but that doesn’t compensate the gap created by the trees chopped throughout the year. The imbalance is dangerous. The heat in summers is intolerable. The death toll in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh increased during May-end and early-June. A lot can be done from our end and the prime task over all other is to support greenery and augment green belt. Then only we can think of spending good and prosperous life in true sense.


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