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Plenty of Sunshine in Capital Helps Homeless Have Respite from Bone-Chilling Cold

Plenty of Sunshine in Capital Helps Homeless Have Respite from Bone-Chilling Cold

December 29
11:23 2015

foggyNew Delhi, Tuesday December 29 – Populace residing in the national capital woke up to clear morning on the first working day of the week and even today. Fog wasn’t in picture despite the fact that just a couple of days remain for December, which is considered one of the peak winter months, to finish. The day was sunlit yesterday but icy winds continued to blow. Extreme frostiness let the masses to stay either under the sun or inside the homes as long as possible. Wintriness was a tad less in the late hours.

Several people were seen enjoying the sunshine on the roads, balconies and roofs of their apartments. Bonfires were lit at more than a few streets by inhabitants who wanted to keep body and surrounding areas warm.  If weather reports of today and coming days are to be cited then chances of dense fog to blanket the city are nil. Visibility on lanes will remain clear thanks to pleasant and warm weather. However, haze might be to be one of the common problems in Delhi and NCR after the temperature dips but that is something not going to happen at least for a week.

The season has been warm as compared to what it had been last year. By this time a year ago, intolerable iciness was bothering the majority. The level of complexity increased for homeless, less fortunate and the stray animals during that period. Plenty of sunshine in capital these days are helping homeless have respite from bone-chilling cold as on several occasions, they are left with no option but to spend wintry nights under the open sky. Efforts are being made by the Delhi government to sent them to night shelters but those on the streets are unwilling to go there by reason of unsanitary environment and fear of losing belongings since others are totally strangers to them.

Flights and train operations have improved this week. Given that visibility on the runway is perfectly fine, people are able to board the flights and reach desired destinations on time. A few trains are running behind the schedule but passengers yet find this good enough over status of trains getting cancelled. Same sort of scenario might not last for long after the arrival of New Year as Delhi and other states might shiver on lowest temperatures. Rain is not likely to wet the capital city in the next few days time. Had precipitation been observed then mercury would have dipped further, creating troubles for the populace.

Here is to mention that schools in the metropolis will remain close for 15 days from January 1 to January 15 due to the trial period of odd-even vehicle formula. This will lend a hand to kids to stay away from early morning chill. Usually, educational institutes declare around 10-day winter vacation during same time because of biting cold. Weathermen predicted that fog and rain will not hit the city this week. Commuters are taking precautions while driving late night and in the early hours to stay away from any sort of mishaps. Weather in Lucknow, Jaipur, Allahabad etc. is soothing as well, nonetheless, minimum temperature is Shimla, Manali has dropped below zero. Possibility of rain and snow in hilly areas are to add to picturesque beauty but increase issues for residents.


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